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Building better business together

Building better business together

Building better business together

Green Payment Solutions is your last Merchant Services Provider. Optimize your operating costs with honest pricing and industry experts today!


Providing for over 20 years

Green Payment Solutions is trusted by


Solutions tailored to your business needs, regardless of processing volume or industry


GPS serves associations with top priority, bringing value and low costs to members

Technology partners

Our technology partners power our industry-standard payment processing capabilities


Everything you need to start accepting any payment type

Give your customers the option to pay with card, ACH, and check

Point of sale

Inquire with us today about our point of sale solutions


Inquire with us today about our point of sale solutions.


Give your customers the flexibility to pay electronically

Recurring billing

Utilize our software offerings for your recurring billing needs

Mobile payments

Accept mobile device payments from your customers


Create an invoice in minutes and send to your customers

Accept payments your way

Give your customers the option to pay with payment methods including Apple Pay, PayPal or Google Pay

Curious how payments work?

Every week we release informative blogs on the industry's must-know-hows

Questions? Give us a call at
1.888.339.8808 or get in touch


Who we serve

We serve any industry type


Give your customers the ability to submit online payments


Our modern point-of-sale systems increase sales and customer retention


Manage front and back house with our systems


With over 20+ years of servicing the transportation industry, we got your back

Software vendors

Utilize recurring billing to accept payments from your customers


We've serviced marketplaces for over 20 years

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  • How do credit card payments work?
    Credit card payments are a simple process.
  • What's an ISO?
    We are an ISO.
  • How are you different from Stripe, PayPal,
    We are different from them in many ways.
  • What fees will I need to pay to open a merchant account?
    There aren't any fees.
  • How are you able to save me money each month?
    We can do that in several ways.


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