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Green Payment Solutions has been an industry-leading merchant services provider for over 20 years. We tailor our solutions to meet your business's needs. Get started today!

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Solutions tailored to your business needs, regardless of processing volume.


GPS serves associations with top priority, bringing value and low costs to members.


Our technology partners makes tailoring solutions for your business industry-standard. 

Payment Processing Fees


Let's say you sell a really nice pair of pants for $75 in your eCommerce store to a loyal customer.


As a business with a merchant account, you can expect to pay 3 seperate fees.


For this $75 transaction, you can expect to pay $2.17 in payment processing fees.


When your customer uses a credit card, the bank who issues the card charges a fee called "Interchange". Let's say this costs you 2% + $.10 per transaction. For your sell, this is $1.60 in Interchange fees.


Card Brand

Card brands, such as Visa, charge a fee whenever their cards are used. Let's say this costs you .1% + $0.2 per transaction. For your sell, this is $.095 in Card Brand fees.

Processors (us) charge a fee to facilitate payments through the bank, cards, and other networks. Let's say this costs you .5% + $.1 per transaction. For your sell, this is $.475 in Processor fees.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we're able to cater to all of your business's demands. GPS is your go-to Merchant Service Provider.

We guarantee that once you switch, you won't want to go anywhere else. Our excellent service gives our merchants the edge over the competition.

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Custom Solutions


Our software integrations allows any merchant with an eCommerce presence to conduct business with ease.


We service associations with the utmost professionalism and service. Inquire today if you're looking for a trusted processor.

ACH/Check Processing

Our merchants can conduct regular business while we do so much needed monthly billing management.


Safety and security at your fingertips. Access an array of devices and software that suits your business needs.

High Volume

Inquire today if you're a merchant that processes high volume. We've serviced merchants in this category for over 20 years.

Customer Service

We've crafted our business model around providing our merchants 24/7 customer service, allowing us to address any concerns.

High Risk

Our High Risk solution can get you processing today. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us and we can get you started!

Cash Advance

Our cash advance and loan offering lets our merchants conduct current sales by borrowing from $5k to $200k.

PCI Data Compliance

Your business and customer data is safe and secure with us. We can help you become compliant. Inquire today!

Rate Reductions with GPS

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Potential rate

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What People Are Saying

Linn S. McDonald, D.C

"Green Payment has been handling my merchant account for many years. I couldn't be happier. Their professionalism is unmatched."
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