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     Amidst the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Green Payment Solutions is offering several forms of assistance to our new merchants starting March 2020. To aid in the loss of business and revenue, we are offering $0.00 to those who apply in the following 90 days. Fees you can set and forget for a full 12 months. Here's what that looks like:

          • $0.00 Set Up fee

          • $0.00 Monthly fee

          • $0.00 Annual Fee

          • $0.00 PCI Monthly Fee

          • $0.00 PCI Annual Fee

          • $0.00 Monthly Minimum

     We are a small business owner on the cusp of this crisis with you. You do not need to hassle with reviewing your processing to see if you qualify for an adjustment. You do not have to look at an application and still see other fees in leue of a rate markdown. If you understand how interchange cost plus pricing works, also understand we will save you money there too.     

     Our merchant account managers are available 24/7 to address any concerns clients may have. We are also available to provide any updates regarding the status of your processing, and anything regarding our other services.


     We continue to monitor this situation and we're here to assist our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Thank you for your patience and for choosing to partner with Green Payment Solutions.

     For further updates regarding the virus, please visit the Center for Disease Control at

** Offer extends to new and existing merchants. Our 90 day application window will adjust as the current state of the nation adjusts. **

** Service fees also known as "Other Fees" or just "Fees" may be represented by other names as well. Our guarantee is that we will provide and clearly identify all $0.00 fees and rates with no hassle. **

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We're here to help!

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