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6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd Suite 200, NoHo CA 91606

+1 (888) 339 8808


Payment Processing Made Easy

Who is GPS?

Green Payment Solutions (GPS) has been one of the industry's best Merchant Services Providers for over 20 years. We've serviced 1000s of merchants over the years, and we're here to help you get up and running today!

We've partnered with @JosephPayments on Twitter to help spread awareness of our services! And through this partnership, we're going to service as many merchants as possible.


How Do We Help You Grow?

Low Rates

We've managed to construct the most aggressive Schedule A Pricing structure you can find anywhere. The fees you'll save after you switch can make a huge difference!

24/7 Customer Service

Processing with us means there's virtually no down time for you and your business. We're notified the instant something is flagged in our system.

Referral System

Take advantage of our referral system where for every account you refer and we open processing, you receive a referral bonus. This means extra money in your pocket!


Ready to Grow?

Fill out the form below and we'll get in contact as soon as possible.


Steps Going Forward


First, we'll schedule a call so one of our agents can do a discovery. Here, we'll discuss if GPS is a good fit for your business needs. Some of the things we'll also go over is any hardware needs you may have or any technology integrations your business uses to function.

Fee Analysis

Shortly after, we'll request from you one of your merchant statements. With it, we can analyze where you're potentially overpaying and we can discuss reducing some of those costs associated with accepting certain payment types.

Final Verdict

If everything checks out, we'll send over a few documents for you to sign. Once we get those back, we get you approved. Then, we'll send over either equipment and/or an API key for you to plugin into your online store to start processing payments! Easy peasy.

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