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Here at Green Payment Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing

merchants with cost-savings solutions and excellent customer service. 


With us, IFYA members with storefronts have access to an array

of innovative hardware solutions with seamless installation. And the

best part? We are currently offering the first piece of equipment

to each business for free. Also, you are guaranteed access to

Interchange-Plus Pricing equipped with full transparency.

Interchange-plus pricing for full transparency

Interchange-plus pricing is the name of the game. And better yet, you'll never

miss a beat! Partner with us in processing and experience the full benefits of our pricing capability!

American Express pricing for lower AMEX fees

We realize the importance of accepting payments from one of the more popular credit card brands. With that said, we offer the lowest AMEX fees found anywhere!

No early termination fee

Here at Green Payment Solutions, we do not subject our merchants to unnecessary fees nor do we subject them to early termination fees. If you find a better merchant elsewhere (we bet you won't) we do not bind businesses through contracts or fees.

Next day funding

Funds hit your account the next business day after batching out. We ensure that merchants receive their money, so they can focus on growth!

24/7 Customer Service

We're here 24/7 for any questions you may have in regards to funding, your current rates, and any of our other capabilities/benefits. Contact us today at info@greenpayment.com!

Value Add-Ons

Multiple value-enhancing fee waivers

Prioritized support for IFYA members

Free POS software

Omni-channel experience

Online merchant dashboard

1-year membership coverage ($50)

Supplies at cost

Complete data security

Dynamic currency conversions

Mobile payments

Contact us anytime at info@greenpayment.com or (818) 200 1004

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Green Payment Solutions™ is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.
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