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6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd Suite 200, NoHo CA 91606

+1 (888) 339 8808


The IFYA's Exclusive Payment Processor

Green Payment Solutions is the IFYA's exclusive payment processor which means you save on rates and get to choose from an array of equipment offerings. We integrate with many brands and platforms making your switch as easy as ever!

We've managed to construct our service to where we can provide you with an answer or solution to any business problem at any time.

Our vast array of equipment offerings makes the switch for you easier than ever. Inquire with us today about which equipment works best for you!

Value Add-Ons

Fee Waivers

At GPS, we're always thinking of innovative ways to provide you with extra value-add ways to save money.

Prioritized Support

As a member of the IFYA association, your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Mobile Payments

Inquire today about our equipment offerings. We offer terminals, tablets, and mobile solutions.

Membership Coverage

Our 1-year membership coverage comes to you at a value of $50. We got you covered!

Merchant Dashboard

Our online merchant dashboard allows you to monitor payment activity in real-time.

Data Security

We guarantee complete data security so you and your customer's info is safe and secure.

Moving Forward

Fill out the form below and we'll get in contact as soon as possible.

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