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Run Your Business Your Way. Let GPS Handle the Rest

Clients Book Anywhere, Anytime

Our third party software integrations allow you to let clients book anywhere, anytime. Also, you can let your clients book online too.

Accept Any Payment Type 

GPS is your go-to Merchant Services Provider. Accept any card brand, or form of payment such as card, check, ACH, and any virtual payment.

Make Cancellations Easier

Give your clients and team members seamless ways to cancel their appointment reducing confusion and headache.

Team Scheduling

Make staff scheduling, custom permissions, payroll and commissions easier. GPS has partnered with many third software and hardware vendors making your job easier!

At GPS, we have dedicated account managers which will help you switch seamlessly from your existing system to a new one.

Stay in charge of what matters most, your bottom line. With GPS, accept payments seamlessly and handle the small things with no headache.

Hardware Solutions

Empower Your Team

Utilize our software and hardware integration, aggressive Schedule A pricing to empower your team. From managing schedules, letting clients book or cancel to even providing gift cards to customers, GPS is your go-to Merchant Services Provider.

Moving Forward

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