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6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd Suite 200, NoHo CA 91606

+1 (888) 339 8808

The #1 Payment Processor for Firearms Business

Green Payment Solutions' ProArm Systems is our dedicated division to all things firearms business. From gun shops to shooting ranges and even ammunition manufacturers, ProArm systems has what you need.

Value Add-Ons


Utilize our many equipment partnerships for handheld devices or POS systems.

Low Rates

PAS is proud to offer high risk merchants with the lowest rates anywhere in the industry.

Customer Service

To ensure no interruptions in funding, we've constructed our business to handle service anywhere, anytime.

Stripe, PayPal, Square and some of the other major processors are cracking down on high risk businesses such as anything weapon related making it harder for you to accept payments.

PAS tailors our payment processing solutions whether you need a brick-and-mortar, internet or hand-held on-the-go device.

Who We Serve

  • Ammunition Retailers

  • Armslist

  • CCW Classes

  • Components & Accessories

  • Courses, Classes & Training Services

  • Firearms Lifestyle & Patriotism Apparel

  • Gun Shops

  • Gun Broker

  • Military & Tactical Gear

  • Online Firearms Dealers

  • Pawn Shops

  • Shooting Ranges

       and many more!

PAS is a 2nd Amendment friendly processor which means our payment processing solutions are tailored to your business. Inquire today!

Our vast array of equipment offerings makes the switch for you easier than ever. Our partnerships gives you options that work best for you!

Moving Forward

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