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Payments that let you focus on what's important

Get paid your way in almost any payment method or currency anywhere in the world


Local acquiring throughout North America

Are you a merchant located in North America? We want to work with you

24/7 customer service

We're available just about every time of day to address your areas of need

Technology integrations

With over 50+ technology integrations, we have you covered for just about anything

20+ years of expertise

Trust that GPS has your back no matter the industry


Partner with a processor that puts security first

Prevent fraud using machine learning and millions of data points

Increase revenue

Increase your bottom line with our aggressive pricing schedule

Manage chargebacks

Manage chargebacks with our state-of-the-art gateways

Address fraud

Reduce fraud with real-time payment updates

GPS is your last payment processor


Who we serve

We serve any industry type


Give your customers the ability to submit online payments


Our modern point-of-sale systems increase sales and customer retention


Manage front and back house with our systems


With over 20+ years of servicing the transportation industry, we got your back

Software vendors

Utilize recurring billing to accept payments from your customers


We've serviced marketplaces for over 20 years

Low fees

Utilize our aggressive pricing structure to increase your bottom line

Fast approvals

Submit your information today and expect to get up-and-running within a few days

How Payments Work

Start your journey today

Submit your information and sales will get in contact within 24 hours

Fill out the information below

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